Pole Axe
Pole Axe
Pole Axe
Pole Axe

Pole Axe

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Superb copy, with a high carbon blade and langets to protect the shaft. A magnificent example of a pole arm.

·         - Overall: 68"

·         - Head Spike: 10" wide

·         - Wt: 4 lbs/12 oz

We ran across this pole axe in a private collection and immediately decided we needed to replicate it. With a long history of use, the pole axe was very popular in the lists, with the winner being decided by the number of blows fairly struck. It was also quite popular for use on the field of battle. With a good sharp point it could be used as a short spear, the back or spike could be used to pierce armor, and the axe head itself was quite lethal.

Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®

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