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Arabic Alfanje (Silver)
Historic and legendary swords

Arabic Alfanje (Silver)

Alfanje of the Spanish Arabian al-janyar, the dagger, designates a sword with a wide and curved blade, with a single-sided edge (or contrafilo in its last third) used in the Iberian Peninsula, part of the Mediterranean and Italy during the Middle Ages and until the Renaissance. - Overall: 84 cm - Width:   15 cm - Weight: 2,8 kg
Cadet Sword Boabdil (Silver) Cadet Sword Boabdil (Silver) 2

Cadet Sword Boabdil (Silver)

Excellent Cadet Sword of the Exclusive "Collection of Historical Cadet Swords" of MARTO. - Detail of the handle with engravings and contrasts. - Grip silver finish. - Tempered Stainless Steel Blade.  - Overall: 75 cm
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