Artestilo Store (Madrid)

Artestilo was born four decades ago for the year 1979 with a marked vocation, the distribution of the personal gift and of company, with a different and renovating philosophy.

For this purpose we have been selecting meticulously an extensive variety of articles of porcelain, crystal, bronze, trinkets, miniature objects and furniture; proceeding from the most prestigious trademarks of the domestic and international companies.

Lladró, SargadelosÁngeles Anglada, jewelry Bohemme, pearls MajoricaAntica Murrina, Urregui, Mvseion Collection, cutlery Muela, armor and swords of Toledo, ceramics of Toledo, Sevilla, etc.

As a principal guarantee we have a highly qualified personnel staff to attend personally to our clients and to satisfy their desires.

We offer you also our experience and technical services parcel for a traditional gift, as in a special pickings made of wood adapted for national and international transport of your more delicate purchases of porcelain or crystal. And of an immediate form since we have physically all the articles offered in our store.

We administer your orders, questions, claims, in an immediate way taking a meticulous personalized follow-up, for Internet or telephonic call.

We send your purchases by international companies transport with recognized reputation for their good services and the good treatment to the goods they transport, as:

International Fedex, UPS, Seur International, Tourline Express, Disma, Tranes

In addition to this, the goods travel assured by several systems, which guarantees your purchase 100 % of the value:

- By the transport company with the civil assurance responsibility.
- By the policy of the assurance that is contracted by the Insurance Company.
- By our solidary assurance.

It is our wish to be able to attend to your requests. So, you can realize your purchases easily, using any credit card, as well as with all kinds of foreign currency. We offer you the most favorable change of the moment.

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