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Complete Medieval Armor

Full armor, also known as plate armor, harness armor, or white armor, is a type of armor that came into use in the late Middle Ages.

Complete medieval armor was built from several pieces of steel or iron, which were joined together using straps and rivets.

A complete suit of armor could have 250 pieces. The weight of this protective suit was very high, between 25 and 45 kg. Knowing this information, it is surprising that it was possible to carry out any movement inside it, but thanks to the large number of articulated parts and the good distribution of weight throughout the body, the complete armor was not as restrictive as it might seem at first glance. the movement capacity of the gentleman who wore it.

Complete medieval armor was often worn in conjunction with chain mail or a gambeson, to ensure additional protection and thus cushion blows, as well as to protect the body from infections that could be created by rubbing against the pieces. metallic. The harness, being rigid, protected much better against forceful blows than the flexible armor. Furthermore, the warped shape of the armor pieces deflected blows and even protected against harquebus bullets. In fact, at first it was used as bulletproof armor until these were perfected and armor was no longer an effective defense.

The complete armor was a complex and very expensive construction, which had to be made to measure. Its manufacture not only took a lot of time and effort, but also a lot of money. Only knights and feudal lords could afford to have full plate armor.

Complete medieval armor could be of different types of metal and styles, some more decorative than others. In short, they were heavy, uncomfortable and very expensive, but that is what they had to survive in medieval wars.

In this category we offer you to immerse yourself in the enigmatic time of the Middle Ages and discover our wide selection of complete armor for the most passionate lovers of history.

Medieval armor from Marto's exclusive "Historical Armor Collection".

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