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Roman Sword Julius Caesar Roman Sword Julius Caesar 2
Historic and legendary swords

Roman Sword Julius Caesar

The Roman Sword Julio Cesar, type Mainz, was used between the 2nd century BC. and the I d.C. This specially ornamented replica has a steel blade, very characteristic, decorated with black details along its midline. - Overall: 70 cm - Width: 9 cm - Weight: 1,5 kg
Julius Caesar Sword (Limited Edition) Julius Caesar Sword (Limited Edition) 2

Julius Caesar Sword (Limited Edition)

A high quality sword from the exclusive "Héroes y Civilizaciones Collection" by MARTO. LIMITED EDITION WITH SERIAL NUMBER ENGRAVED ON THE SHEET. - Special finish with damasquinado decorations. - Inox AISI 420 Blade. - Acid etching in black and gold. - Overall: 71 cm - Weight: 1,8 kg
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