Roman swords

Roman swords

The Romans, known as the great engineers and inventors, in addition to influencing the development of many countries, also left the mark of their greatness in the world of swords. The Gladuis or gladio was the typical sword of Ancient Rome, which was used since the 3rd century BC. until the 2nd century AD, and due to its practical and strategic characteristics it has been considered the best sword that has ever existed. This is where the term “Gladiator” comes from.

Gladio/gladius features:

This type of weapon is also known as a “carp-tongue” or “antennae” sword, and was used by the Celts and Celtiberians. The Roman Gladius swords were very practical for initiative attack. They were short and light swords, which allowed an attack to be launched with exceptional speed. They were also used to cut, since they had double edges.

The length of this Roman sword was about 50 cm, although longer versions existed, they did not usually exceed 70 cm. The Gladius's double-edged blade was straight and wide. The tip of this ancient weapon measured about 5 cm, which allowed only the end of it to be plunged into the body of the enemy, thus preventing the sword from being embedded in said body, and consequently the combat speed was reduced. looked reduced.

Gladuis varieties:

· Roman Hispaniensis swords, they are the oldest version, and were used by the Celtiberians and other tribes in the period of the Punic Wars. Shortly after, this Roman sword was copied and improved by the Romans, who later shortened its blade from 70 to 50 cm, to reduce its weight and thus increase its level of comfort in use.

· Mainz is a modified version of Hispaniensis, which had a leaf length of about 50-60 cm. The origin of its name comes from the place where the first swords of this type were found, Mainz, or what is known today as Mainz, in Germany. In addition to being shorter than its predecessor, the Mainz blade was narrower in the center.

· Pompeii is another Gladius model, perhaps the best known and most typical among Roman swords. It receives its name from the city of Pompeii, where the first specimens considered canonical were found. It has an even shorter blade, normally it did not exceed 50 cm. The edges of the blade were straight and the tip was short.

In this category we have prepared a selection of Roman swords, with which without a doubt any history lover would be delighted. They are weapons made with the best materials, which have a design faithful to the ancient canons collected in history books.

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