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We have something to confess. We are geeks too!!! And frankly speaking, we are proud of it. The incredible world of imagination, of stories, of fantasy, is our parallel reality to which we can escape whenever we want. It is a quality that not everyone has, but we, and probably you who have come this far, have it, because we are passionate about history and legends. Join us! Open that enigmatic door to the world of fantasy and movie swords with us.

In this category we offer you our careful selection of swords from fantasy, science fiction and historical films. They are wonderful replicas taken from cinema bestsellers and cult films, such as, for example, Highlander, Xena the Warrior Princess, Conan the Barbarian, etc.

The sword was always much more than a simple weapon. In many ancient cultures, such as the Vikings, they even gave them their own name. He was a faithful friend in battle, like a part of you. The ancient masters said that “the sword has to be the extension of your arm, you have to be a whole together with your sword” and if you manage to be that, fortune will smile on you.

The movie swords that we offer you have been manufactured by the best masters in Toledo, with high quality materials. But the most fascinating thing is the accuracy with which they have been reproduced, taking into account even the smallest details of all these famous swords. With this jewel of art in your hands, you will feel as if you were the very character who wielded it in your favorite movie.

You can use them as a decorative element in your home, display them in showcases and even use them in LARP games if you wish. And the movie swords in our catalog have been so faithfully manufactured that you won't notice the difference.

In addition to movie swords, on our website you can find different accessories that will help you complete the character you want to represent. Everything you need for your faithful recreation of a movie, you will find in our store.

But if you want to touch it and see our movie swords with your own eyes to help you decide, we invite you to visit our physical store “Artestilo”, which is in the heart of Madrid, on Paseo del Prado, 12. We will be waiting for you. , Monday to Saturday, from 10 in the morning to 8:30 at night.

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