Katana Connor MacLeod (Red)

Katana Connor MacLeod (Red)

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A high-quality sword from the exclusive "Movie Swords" Collection by MARTO.

- Katana by Connor MacLeod, imitation of original sword in the movie "The Immortals".

- Stainless steel blade

- Length 104 cm.

- Termination in Red.

- Ivory handle with dragon head ending.

Highlander, The original film tells the story of immortals, humans who can only die by decapitation and who have existed throughout the ages. They are like a family scattered all over the world throughout all ages of history. They welcome disciples, teaching them in the arts of killing and also of living through the ages, assuming the loss of family, friends and loved ones.

The sword of the Samurai is a symbol of justice, nobility and is considered an extension of the soul of the Samurai. When Sersei Hideo Kato handed Duncan the Dragon Katana, he did not just give him a sword, but he passed on the ancient traditions, the deadly dexterity and the noble values ​​of the Samurai warriors.

 This is Duncan's Katana that was inherited by Macleod after his friend and mentor Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez was beheaded by the fearsome Kurgan in the Scottish highlands.

Exclusive Sword of the exclusive Collection "Movie Swords" made by Marto.

Certificate of Origin and Quality. Made in Toledo, Spain.

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