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Marto is a brand of the sector of white arms, swords, sabers, daggers and armors, totally related to the history of Toledo and its crafts.

MARTO - Born in an old house in the historic center of Toledo, to collect the testimony of a spadera tradition that has taken the name of Toledo through the most recondite places of the world. The combination of traditional craftsmanship, modern technology, a qualified and deluded human team and magical poems from the waters of the Tagus River. they created the first swords of the highest quality that now, years later, the world knows as PRODUCTOS MARTO.

Toledo is famous for its history, its art and its "STEEL". The fame of the old Toledo steels lay in the skill with which artisans handled the art of tempering steel without any technical knowledge, nor instrument capable of remotely measuring the high temperatures applied to steel in this magical transformation and treatment. This skill and mastery, "SECRET OF THE TEMPLE", has been guarded very jealously by all the masters swords of Toledo being transmitted only from generation to generation until our days, being able to affirm for that reason that the "Steel of Toledo" is unique in the world.

Marto was born to collect the testimony of that famous artisan and espadero tradition, and today we are very proud to maintain this "TEMPLE SECRET" that is the essence of our swords MANUFACTURED IN TOLEDO, giving continuity and prestige to the famous TOLEDO STEEL.

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