Special Decorated Helmet

Special Decorated Helmet

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High Quality Armour Helmet from the exclusive Collection “Historic Armours” made by Marto.

- Natural size.

- Gold Decorations.

- Made by hand, one by one, by the master craftsmen of Marto

The Helmet is the 'piece of the armor, which covers and defends the head'.

In the first medieval centuries, to protect the head was used a simple metal helmet, conical, without visor or jugular to which was added in the tenth century the nasal appendix straight. Later, the visor, mobile part and the most important one of the helmet or helmet was added, destined to cover the face of the warrior during the fight, which was raised when there was need to take the air and examine the objects better.

In the Middle Ages it consisted of three parts:

- the visor itself, in which there were holes or crevices to provide free passage of air and facilitate vision: this part defended the eyes

- the nasal

- the sale

The visor is a very old invention because it is seen in the helmets of the Greeks and the Etruscans as well as those worn in the tenth and successive centuries.

Certificate of Origin and Quality. Made in Toledo.

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