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Barbarian Sword
Barbarian Sword
Barbarian Sword
Barbarian Sword

Barbarian Sword

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The Sword of the Barbarians is a sword with fantastic connotations. It reminds us of the swords of the tribes of Slavic, Germanic and Frankish origin that devastated Europe between the 3rd and 8th centuries, even conquering Rome itself.

- Overall: 116 cm

- Width: 20 cm

- Weight: 2,5 kg

The term originates from the Greek: βάρβαρος (barbaros).

Their swords were robust and powerful, a sign of authority and respect in a world in which force was the law. This group of tribes and peoples prevailed in a fragmented and lacking a strong political organization until the beginning of the Carolingian Empire Europe.

The Barbarian sword is finished in bronze. It represents a winged dragon with two heads.

History, legends, and films (Conan) remind us the Slavic, German and Frank origin tribes that between the III century and the VIII devastated the lands of Europe, conquering even Rome. Called the “barbarians” due to their uncivilized customs, this term happened to reach diabolic connotations for their rude and savage nature. The sword, bronze finished and grooved blade, represents a winged two-headed dragon.

In a world where strength was the law, their swords were robust and powerful, symbol of authority and respect. This group of tribes and people ruled in a fragmented and lacked of a strong political organization Europe, until beginning of Charles Magnes’s Empire.

High Quality Sword of the Exclusive Collection "Historical, Fantastic and Legend Swords" made by MARTO.

Certificate of Quality and Origin. Made in Toledo (Spain)

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