Arabic Alfanje (Silver)

Arabic Alfanje (Silver)

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Alfanje of the Spanish Arabian al-janyar, the dagger, designates a sword with a wide and curved blade, with a single-sided edge (or contrafilo in its last third) used in the Iberian Peninsula, part of the Mediterranean and Italy during the Middle Ages and until the Renaissance.

- Overall: 84 cm

- Width:   15 cm

- Weight: 2,8 kg

There were given various shapes to these cutlasses in past times and there was an important Toledo production of them during the Arabic invasion. A sample of these cutlasses can be found in the “Museo del Ejercito” in Madrid.

Its main characters are the cross-ward, which raises to the handle on one side and descends to the blade on the other side, and its wide and curved blade.

This stylized cutlass of our production shows all these characters, remembering that Toledo was an important centre of sword production also during its Arab period.

High Quality Sword of the exclusive Collection “Historical, Fantastic and Legend Swords" made by MARTO.

Certificate of Origin and Quality, Made In Toledo, Spain.

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