Catholic Kings Sword (Limited Edition)
Catholic Kings Sword (Limited Edition)
Catholic Kings Sword (Limited Edition)
Catholic Kings Sword (Limited Edition)

Catholic Kings Sword (Limited Edition)

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A high quality sword from MARTO's exclusive Heroes and Civilizations Collection.


- Special finish with damasquinado decorations.

- Inox AISI 420 Blade.

- Acid etching in black and gold.

- Overall: 120 cm

- Weight: 2,2 kg

Isabel I from Castile and Fernando II from Aragon join in marriage in Valladolid on October 19, 1469. This Marriage produces the dynastic union of Aragon and Castile, and is considered to be the beginning of the unit and the greatness of Spain.

The sword of the Catholic Kings is one of the most spectacular of the History of Spain. It initiated a key period of the history of Spain, having stimulated the creation of the Spanish nation and having developed the modern state by an incessant diplomatic and military activity. The sword of the Catholic Kings (Royal Sword of Ceremony) used in the solemn acts of the Court from epoch of the Catholic Kings until the XVIIIth century was the sword with which the Kings Fernando and Isabel nominated knight to Cristobal Colón after the return of the Conquest of America, in the Throne lounge of the Royal (Real) Palace from Barcelona. Colón was nominated “Ocean Admiral” and “Viceroy of The Indies”.


High Quality Sword of the exclusive Collection "Heroes and Civilizations" made by Marto.

Certificate of Origin and Quality, "Made in Toledo" (Spain).

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