Etched Armour Helmet

Etched Armour Helmet

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High Quality Etched Armour Helmet from the exclusive Collection “Historic Armours” made by Marto.

- Etched Armour Helmet.

- Natural size.

- Gold Decorations.

A complete armor consists of numerous articulated pieces, having reached up to the number of 250 in a single combatant with the weight of about 25 to 30 kg, but the most common and important are reduced to about 25, distributed in the four groups of head, trunk and upper and lower extremities

The head of the Armor, whose main purpose is to cover and defend the head, was commonly used throughout Europe until the twelfth century, at the end of which the helmet appeared (...) Soon the predominance reached by firearms was banished until the last vestiges of the armor, being replaced almost everywhere the helmet by other lighter head covers.

Certificate of Origin and Quality. Made in Toledo.

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